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Cockroach Preparation Instructions

In order to provide you with the best possible service, we will need your help. Please read and follow these instructions.



  • Remove all food and utensils from all cabinets and drawers in the kitchen. Place these items in plastic bags or on the table and cover it with cloth. (Do not put them on the counter-top because we will be treating that area.)
  • Remove any shelf paper from cabinets and drawers and clean them out.
  • Move stove and refrigerator from the wall and clean behind it.
  • No need to empty the refrigerator.
  • Remove pictures and hangings.


  • Remove everything from bathroom cabinets and drawers. Place these items in plastic bags or cover it with cloth. (Do not put them on the counter-top because we will be treating that area.)
  • Remove shelf paper and clean shelves and drawers.
  • Remove pictures and hangings.


  • Pull furniture away from walls.
  • Remove pictures and hangings.
  • Remove pillows and throws and place these items in plastic bags. 


  • Remove dresser drawers and place them on bed. Cover it with cloth. Clean out these draws too.
  • Remove hanging clothes from closets and put on the bed and cover with cloth.
  • Remove shoes and put these on the bed and cover them with cloth.
  • Remove pictures and hangings.
  • Pull furniture away from walls.

Pets must be removed from your home prior to service and must remain gone from 2-4 hours. Birds need to be gone for 24 hours. Remove and cover all pet food and pet dishes. Fish tanks must be covered with plastic bag. Unplug the air pump and cover it with a blanket or a towel.


Please plan to be away for at least two hours following our treatments. Healthy children and adults may return at that time, but infants and persons with chronic respiratory ailments such as allergies, asthma or bronchitis should remain away for at least 4 hours. If you have any doubt, please stay away for the four hours.


Our treatment will be completely dry within two hours following application. Open windows for ventilation and to dissipate chemicals odors. Food preparation areas and counter tops should be washed thoroughly with detergent and water. Do not wash inside cabinets, drawers or baseboards. Return all kitchen and bathroom items to their proper places in cabinets and drawers. Maintain sanitary conditions, especially in the kitchen.

Please Note: It is normal to see a temporary increase in insect activity immediately after our treatment. We have made harborages uninhabitable so insects will spend more time in the open. But, if you do not notice a steady decrease in sighting after one week or if you still see insects two weeks following treatment, please contact us so we can arrange re-treatment.

Remember to call us for a follow-up appointment two weeks after to be sure we did get them all. Eggs may hatch after the initial treatment.

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